All Special Kids conference – Educational Neuroscience and Special Educational Needs


CEN director Professor Michael Thomas and CEN member Professor Chloë Marshall were keynote speakers at a conference in Geneva, Switzerland, organised by ASK (All Special Kids). ASK is a non-governmental organisation that supports children with special educational needs, and their families and teachers. The theme of ASK’s annual conference this year was educational neuroscience.

Chloë’s workshop on the afternoon of Friday 6th October 2017 was entitled “Educational neuroscience: neuromyths and neurohits in the education of children with special educational needs”. It introduced teachers to educational neuroscience as a discipline and how its findings might support children with special educational needs. It generated a valuable discussion about how to evaluate educational interventions that claim to have a basis in neuroscience, and how to identify neuromyths.

Michael’s presentation on the morning of Saturday 7th October 2017 was entitled “Educational neuroscience aims to use insights into brain function to shape educational practices – How can it help children with special educational needs?” It considered the links between new findings in neuroscience and teaching approaches for children with Special Educational Needs. The session sparked a great deal of interest amongst parents and teachers alike.

One thought on “All Special Kids conference – Educational Neuroscience and Special Educational Needs

  1. A big big thank you to Professor Chloe Marshall and Professor Michael Thomas who kept the audience captivated and sparked a great deal of “healthy and evidence based” interest in educational neuroscience with many at the conference!!

    We look forward to following your further explorations into educational neuroscience, and seeing what exciting new results await us!!!

    Best regards from Steve, Joy and the rest of the ASK team

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