Cambridge seminars on the Educated Brain #3: Effective translation

The University of Cambridge will shortly host the third of three ESRC-funded research seminars on The Educated Brain, on Friday 13th October 2017. The first seminar considered Foundations of the Educated Brain: Infancy and Early Childhood, while the second seminar addressed The Educated Brain: Late Childhood and Adolescence. The final seminar is entitled Effectively translating neuroscience for teaching practice: Opportunities and next steps.
Provisional programme
Venue: Kaetsu Conference Centre Murray Edwards College
12.30 – 17:00: Includes lunch, short talks and discussion and will be followed by a networking reception
Confirmed speakers include:
Rachel Snape (Head Teacher, Spinney Primary School)
Paul Howard-Jones (Graduate School of Education, University of Bristol)
Jon Simons (Department of Psychology, University of Cambridge)
Sara Baker (Faculty of Education, University of Cambridge)
Michelle Ellefson (Faculty of Education, University of Cambridge)
The seminar is organised in collaboration with Learnus.

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