In the following videos, members of the CEN Research Group discuss their research and broader issues of educational neuroscience.

Most videos play directly. Those which don’t are just a click away. You can also see all the videos of our weekly seminar series here.

CEN director Professor Michael Thomas takes part in a debate at the Institute of Education, considering the potential for educational neuroscience to improve learning.

Prof Thomas gave the Learnus annual lecture on ‘Genetics and Education’ in 2015. You can see it here

At other Learnus events, he has talked about the latest neuroscientific evidence about cognitive and brain development in adolescence and about the influence of socioeconomic status on brain development. You can watch both talks here

In the keynote at the 2018 Festival of Learning, Prof Thomas considered the potential for computational approaches to strengthen the bridge between education and neuroscience

Professor Emily Farran gives an overview of her research investigating spatial cognition and looking at implications for improving outcomes in STEM subjects

Dr Iroise Dumontheil introduces the Birkbeck/IoE Masters course in Educational Neuroscience

For our Spanish followers, this video is a talk by Professor Denis Mareschal on how understanding the brain can help us teach children better, simultaneously translated into Spanish: ¿Cómo puede la comprensión del cerebro ayudar a educar mejor a los niños?

At a recent Learnus event, Prof Mareschal introduced the CEN’s UnLocke project, which is looking at how training inhibitory control might help improve GCSE outcomes in maths and science

Dr Mairead MacSweeney is interested in how the brain processes language, both in those with typical hearing and in those who are deaf.

And here you can see her giving a longer lecture on the subject