NeuroSENse Research

As part of the NeuroSENse project, we are conducting an ongoing survey into neuromyths about neurodevelopmental disorders. The aim of the survey is to better understand how educators and the general public understand neurodevelopmental disorders and use the results to inform educational resources.

To take part in the survey, please click on the link below. We would like as many people as possible above the age of 18 years old to take part. All answers will remain confidential and anonymous.

The survey can be accessed by clicking here.

What have we found so far?

Our first analysis of the survey data included responses from 366 members of the general public and 203 individuals working in education. Both groups were asked the same series of questions about their understanding of the brain, frequency of accessing information about the brain, and their understanding neuromyths related to neurodevelopmental disorders and neuromyths that were not related to developmental disorders.

We found that both the general public and educators rated similar numbers of myths to be true, but more about neurodevelopmental disorders than general neuromyths. Importantly, we also found that frequency of accessing information about the brain was associated with correctly identifying neuromyths.

The results from the first wave of the survey have now been published in Mind, Brain and Education here

A presentation on the survey by Dr Jo Van Herwegen can be viewed below.

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