An interview with Iroise Dumontheil

Learnus UK supports the communication of research to enrich learning and inform curriculum development. In this interview, Birkbeck researcher Dr Iroise Dumontheil presents her own research about the teenage brain, and discusses current advances in Educational Neuroscience. Educational Neuroscience is still a recent field which develops gradually. Yet, our understanding of psychology and brain development suggests some interesting ways to capitalise on adolescents’ sensitivity to peer influences, and on their propensity for risk-taking, to create positive learning experiences and socio-emotional outcomes.

Iroise is currently working on the Unlocke project. More information about her research is available on her personal website.

Birkbeck researchers Dr Georgina Donati and Dr Annie Brookman-Byrne (now Deputy Editor of The Psychologist) have created this short video about the Adolescent Brain, that might be useful for teachers or parents willing to know more about the topic, or to discuss it together with teens.


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