Inhibition and cognitive load in fractions and decimals

Vana Avgerinou is a classroom assistant at Putney High School. She completed an MSc in Educational Psychology at UCL IoE and is currently studying for an MA in Specific Learning Difficulties (Dyslexia). In this video, she presents her new research paper, investigating the role of inhibitory control in learning counterintuitive fractions and decimals, among primary school children. Her results indicate a more nuanced relation between inhibitory control and counterintuitive fractions and decimals than presumed by previous research. They suggest that the role of inhibitory control when reasoning about counterintuitive fractions and decimals is not constant, and it is only drawn on at high levels of cognitive load.

screen-shot-2019-12-19-at-09-47-21You can follow Vana on Twitter @AvgerinouVana


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