Me, Human

A project about the evolutionary forces that make us who we are..




Dr. Gillian Forrester, a CEN affiliate, is an evolutionary and developmental psychologist at Birkbeck, University of London. Her research aims to understand how modern humans developed sophisticated social abilities. She’s worked with chimpanzees, gorillas and children with and without neurodevelopmental disorders including ADHD and autism. Her perspective is that behavior must be studied to understand cognition—and other animals must be studied to understand humans. 



As part of her project “Me, Human”, Gillian Forrester is participating in a series of fun, interactive workshops for the general public. These Psyched! events aim at exploring how our ancient brains cope in the modern world.

You can get a flavour of these events by reading our reports:


You can book your place for the next event on the Me, Human website.


For more information, you can also read Gillian’s blogs for “Psychology Today”: