CEN seminar summaries

classroom-1297780_960_720The CEN seminar series takes place weekly during term-time, and covers a wide range of topics combining elements of cognitive psychology, neuroscience, and education. They are usually fairly informal, with opportunities for questions and discussion.

Each week, the presenters summarise their talk into a handy, ‘bite-sized’ overview. Why not take a few minutes to check them out using the links below!

Summer term 2018

28th June – Matthew Slocombe (Birkbeck). The role of conceptual development in children’s analogical reasoning.

21st June – Dr Sue Whiting (Birkbeck). Stress and learning in children: Neuroscience evidence and its relevance for teachers.

14th June – Prof. Jane Hurry and Lisa Fridkin (IoE). Triggers for situational interest: Using higher order rewards to create intrinsic motivation in the classroom.

7th June – Susanne De Mooij (Birkebeck). Online maths reasoning: Capturing the mind in motion using eye- and mouse- tracking to enhance personalised learning.

31st May – Lorcan Kenny (IoE). Testing the ecological validity of executive function assessment in autism in a novel ‘tea-making’ task.

24th May – Rachel Snape (Spinney School, Cambridge) and Dr. Sara Baker (University of Cambridge). #OnlyConnect.

17th May – Cathy Rogers (Birkbeck). “I just got a popped up in my head.” A qualitative analysis of how executive control processes contribute, positively and negatively, to children’s creativity.

10th May – Dr. Sveta Mayer (IoE). Design and evaluation of an education intervention for children with autism targeting social and emotional engagement through observation.

26th April – Prof. Chloe Marshall (IoE). Montessori education: A review of the evidence base.