Prof. Denis Mareschal

Prof. Denis Mareschal is a Professor of Psychology at the Centre for Brain and Cognitive ‎Development in the School of Psychology, Birkbeck. . ‎

Research Interests

‎His interests lie in all aspects of perceptual and cognitive development in infancy and ‎childhood. His research involves a blend of (connectionist) computational modelling and ‎empirical studies with infants and children. Previous research projects with children have ‎included: the development of seriation abilities, the development of metaphor comprehension, ‎and the developing basis for inductive reasoning. Previous research projects with infants have ‎included: the search for occluded and visible objects, the perception of object unity, ‎categorisation of visually presented stimuli, and the determinants of visual pursuit.‎The common theme that underlies Prof. Mareschal’s projects is the exploration of how the ‎computational properties of a learning system (e.g., a connectionist autoencoder network or a ‎‎3-month-old infant) interact with the distribution of meaningful features in the environment to ‎cause the observed patterns of development in children and infants. ‎


Please see the list below for the most recent of Prof. Mareschal’s publications. More ‎information about Prof. Mareschal including a more extensive publication list can be found ‎here: Prof. Mareschal’s Publications

  • Althaus, N. & Mareschal, D. (2014) Labels Direct Infants’ Attention to Commonalities ‎During Novel Category Learning, PLoS ONE, 9. For full text click here.
  • Addyman, C., Rocha, S. & Mareschal, D. (2014)  Mapping the Origins of time: Scalar ‎errors in infant time estimation. Developmental Psychology, 50, 2030-2035. For full text click here.
  • Forrester, G. S., Pegler, R., Thomas, M. S.C. & Mareschal, D. (2014) Handedness as a ‎marker of cerebral lateralization in children with and without Autism. Behavioural Brain ‎Research, 268, 14-21. Click here.
  • Althaus, N. & Mareschal, D. (2013) Modeling cross-modal interactions in early word ‎learning. IEEE Transactions on Autonomous Mental Development, 5, 288-297. For full text click here.
  • Westermann, G. & Mareschal, D. (2013) From perceptual to language-mediated ‎categorization. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B, 369. For full text click here.