Textbooks on Educational Neuroscience

Our newest book gives an intuitive introduction to how the brain works, an important foundation to think about what this means for education. It is aimed at a non-expert audience.

Thomas, M. S. C., & Green, S. (2023). How the brain works: What psychology students need to know. Sage Publications.


Some background on the book and supporting material can be found here.

Members of the CEN have produced two textbooks, covering research in educational neuroscience research. Here’s the most recent one, a reassuring 500 pages in length.

Thomas, M. S. C., Mareschal, D., & Dumontheil, I. (2020). Educational Neuroscience: Development Across the Lifespan. London, UK: Psychology Press. Here’s a sneak preview of the Introduction.

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Here’s our previous ‘bestseller’!:

Mareschal, D., Butterworth, B., & Tolmie, A. (2013). Educational Neuroscience. Oxford, UK: Wiley-Blackwell.


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