Prof. Norah Frederickson ‎

Prof. Frederickson is the director of the Educational Psychology Group, University College ‎London and is a Senior Educational Psychologist, Buckinghamshire. ‎

Research Interests ‎

Prof. Frederickson’s current research interests include: social competence in children, factors ‎influencing inclusion and belonging in school, in particular for children with special needs and ‎disabilities, and problem based learning in professional education. She has published over 100 ‎journal articles and book chapters, has co-authored leading text books on special needs for ‎educational service professionals and students, and on educational psychology for psychology ‎undergraduates, and has co-edited two major collections of best selling assessment resources, ‎one for mental health/psychological wellbeing and one for special educational needs.‎

Prof. Frederickson joined the team at UCL in 1986, initially as a professional tutor. Since 1994 ‎she has been Director of the Educational Psychology Group. In 2000, Norah received the UCL ‎Faculty of Life Sciences award for Teaching, and in 2004 was awarded a personal chair in ‎educational psychology. She was a member of the UCL-led consortium that conducted the ‎national evaluation for the Department for Education of the Targeted Mental Health in Schools ‎programme (2008-11) and is a governor of the UCL Academy.‎


Please see the list below for the most recent of Prof. Frederickson’s publications. More ‎information about Prof. Frederickson including a more extensive publication list can be found ‎here: Prof. Frederickson’s Publications

  • Aljunied, M. & Frederickson, N. (2014). Utility of the International Classification of ‎Functioning, Disability and Health (ICF) for children with autism. Educational ‎Psychology in Practice, 30(4), 380-392. ‎Click here for full text
  • Warren, L., Jones, A., & Frederickson, N. (2014). The Role of Callous-Unemotional ‎Traits in the Self-Concept and Peer Acceptance of Children with Antisocial ‎Behaviour. Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties.‎
  • Aljunied, M. & Frederickson, N. (2014). Assessing Cognitive Abilities in Children ‎with Autism: Practitioner Evaluation of Treatment Validity. International Journal of ‎Developmental Disabilities.‎ Click here.
  • Gore-Langton, E., & Frederickson, N. (2015). Mapping the educational experiences ‎of children with Pathological Demand Avoidance. Journal of Research in Special ‎Educational Needs. Click here.