Dr. Kaska Porayska-Pomsta

Dr Kaska Porayska-Pomsta is a Reader in Adaptive Technologies for Learning and an RCUK ‎Academic Fellow at UCL Institute of Education.‎

Research Interests

Dr. Porayska-Pomsta’s research focuses on developing fully interactive, adaptive ‎technologies through real-time learner modelling, especially in relation to learners’ affect ‎and motivation, and AI-driven interaction, including natural language and non-verbal ‎communication. She conducts her research in the context of enhanced reality ‎environments and within the serious games paradigm. Her research has two main aims, to ‎provide new and effective modes of learning and teaching and to create research tools ‎that allow researchers, teachers and practitioners to learn about learning, teaching and ‎communication processes between humans and between humans and machines.‎

As a linguist Dr. Porayska-Pomsta aims to understand socio-cultural as well as cognitive ‎and affective determinants of successful communication and what constitutes success in ‎communication. Dr. Porayska-Pomsta has experience in working with children and adults, ‎with and without special needs, in a variety of domains including social communication, ‎affective self-regulation as well as well-defined subject domains such as physics and ‎mathematics.‎


Please see the list below for the most recent of Dr. Porayska-Pomsta’s publications. More ‎information about  Dr. Porayska-Pomsta including a more extensive publication list can be found ‎here‎:  Dr. Porayska-Pomsta’s Publications.

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